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Full Project Management Plan Example PDF

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This deliverable establishes the Project Management Plan for the INVADE project. The plan includes all the processes and articulates the responsibilities at the person/partner level in order to ensure the production of high-quality results in line with the project plan as described in the Description of Action. It establishes also the Quality Plan, Risk Management, and Contingency Plan.

The different bodies of the project are identified, the working plan is confirmed and the different Work Packages and Task Leaders are nominated.

The deliverable defines all the documents to be used during the project, both the internal Consortium documents and the rest of the required documents as specified in the Grant Agreement.

The Quality assurance chapters expose the way the consortium will face the document generation process, especially the project’s deliverables, in order to guarantee the required quality and focus of the released documents. It establishes the different processes and responsible persons together with an estimated timing of each phase of the process. In these chapters, the information process for the Quality Assurance issue is also established.

The plan includes all the processes and their responsible person/body that will ensure the management and the preventive and curative actions and decisions are taken for each of the identified risks, foreseen or happened at any phase of the project execution.


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