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Software Project Management and Project Planning PDF Guide

Software Project Management and Project Planning PDF Guide Free Download

What is a project?

A project is a planned activity that involves non-routine tasks and has a clearly defined beginning and an end.

Other project characteristics:

  • Specific objectives are to be met
  • Specific resources are assigned for use on the project
  • A schedule should be met

Software project management PDF

Concerned with activities involved in ensuring that software is delivered on time and on schedule and in accordance with the requirements of the organizations developing and procuring the software.

Project management is needed because software development is always subject to budget and schedule constraints that are set by the organization developing the software.

Software management distinctions

The product is intangible.

The software cannot be seen or touched. Software project managers cannot see progress by simply looking at the artifact that is being constructed.

Many software projects are ‘one-off’ projects.

Large software projects are usually different in some ways from previous projects. Even managers who have lots of previous experience may find it difficult to anticipate problems.

Software processes are variable and organization-specific.

We still cannot reliably predict when a particular software process is likely to lead to development problems.

Management activities

Project planning

Project managers are responsible for planning. estimating and scheduling project development and assigning people to tasks.

Reporting & controlling

Project managers are usually responsible for reporting on the progress of a project to customers and to the managers of the company developing the software.

Risk management

Project managers assess the risks that may affect a project, monitor these risks, and take action when problems arise.


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