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Introduction To Software Project Management PDF

Software Project Management PDF Guide Free Download

Project Management is the discipline of defining and achieving targets while optimizing the use of resources (time, money, people, materials, energy, space, etc) over the course of a project (a set of activities of finite duration).

Why is project management important?

  • Large amounts of money are spent on ICT(Information and communications technology).
  • The project often fail – Standish Group claim only a third of ICT projects are successful. 82% were late and 43% exceeded their budget.
  • Poor project management a major factor in these failures
  • 1 billion = 100 crore

Software Development Life Cycle:

The software development life cycle is a methodology that also forms the framework for planning and controlling the creation, testing, and delivery of an information system.

The software development life-cycle concept acts as the foundation for multiple different developments and delivery methodologies, such as the Hardware development life-cycle and Software development life-cycle.

While Hardware development life-cycles deal specifically with hardware and Software development life-cycles deal specifically with software, a Systems development life-cycle differs from each in that it can deal with any combination of hardware and software, as a system can be composed of hardware only, software only, or a combination of both.

Software Project Management: How To Manage a Software Development Project

Are you trying to build the right product but can’t seem to figure it out? Here’s some software project management help! In this video, I want to share my strategy for how to manage a software project and get things done on time and on budget.


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