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Risk Management and Quality Assurance Report PDF

Risk Management and Quality Assurance” is in essence a monitoring loop running throughout the lifetime of the PRoTECT project evaluating the quality of work and deliverables and assessing internal and external risks. This deliverable sets the guidelines for the aforementioned monitoring loop.

Since Quality Assurance and Risk Management are parts of the overall project management process a brief overview of the project management context is initially provided in this document. The overall Project Management structure of the Project is presented and detailed descriptions of the Quality and Risk Management roles are provided.

Project quality assurance strategy can be summarized in the following commitment: “The Project Consortium recognizes that dedication to quality is vital to the Project mission and essential for delivering consistent results”. Core quality assurance objectives are quality work and deliverables and keeping the project on track (in line with DoA). Moreover, Project Consortium commits that all project activities will be carried out in compliance with established ethical principles and applicable law.

In his effort to achieve quality assurance objectives, the Project Quality Manager will have a number of quality assurance tools and processes, namely:

  • Quality assurance tools
  • Supporting Documents, like the CA, DoA, GA, and relevant project deliverables).
  • Templates.
  • Quality Dashboard consisting of KPIs, Deliverables and Milestones, APs, and a PMs Worksheet.
  • Detailed Task Work plans (DTWs).
  • Document Management System (DMS).
  • Quality assurance processes
  • Quality evaluation process.
  • Deliverables review procedure.

The Project Consortium is aware that a variety of risks may impact the project schedules and project objectives, and may even lead to contractual issues. For this reason, a Project Risk Management Plan is included in this deliverable focusing on risk assessment, monitoring, and mitigation actions. A Risk Register available to all Projects will be used to carry out the aforementioned actions.

Finally, it is important to note that any rules and regulations presented within this Project Risk Management and Quality Assurance are supplementary to the Consortium Agreement as well as the Grant Agreement. Many items regulated there are NOT repeated here but should be taken into account.


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