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Introduction to Construction Project Management PDF


  1. Overview of the Global Construction Industry
  2. Overview of Construction Project Management
    • Project, Project Management, and Construction Project Management
    • Attributes of a Successful Construction Project
    • Project Life Cycle
    • Project Participants
    • Construction Project Organization
    • Project Start-up and Mobilization
    • Pre-Construction Meeting
    • Project Documentation
    • Project Closeout
  3. Key Functions of Construction Project Management
    • Cost Estimation
    • Project Scheduling
    • Project Controls
    • Construction Contracts and Delivery Systems
  4. Construction Project Management and Sustainable Built Environment
    • Sustainable Development and Green Buildings
    • Green Building Guidelines / Rating Systems
    • Green Buildings and Construction Project Management

The construction industry is an important industry globally. Effective management of construction projects and leading them to their execution is a critical expertise area to ensure the success of the construction industry. This chapter provides a comprehensive understanding of construction project management from a construction company’s perspective.

It starts with an overview of the construction industry including an introduction to various types of construction projects. It, then, provides an overview of construction project management and defines various supporting aspects such as project, project management, attributes of a successful construction project, project life cycle, project participants, construction project organizations, pre-job planning, project start-up, and mobilization, pre-construction meeting, project documentation, and project closeout.

The main body of the chapter is devoted to four key functions of construction project management. These are cost estimating, project scheduling, project controls, and construction contracts and delivery systems.

Each function is explained in detail including the description of the process, definitions of various aspects, and illustration of the techniques used to carry out the functions. Some of the techniques are demonstrated with the help of examples. This section should give readers a clear understanding of how these functions are applied to manage a construction project.

The last section provides a discussion of the applicability of construction project management in the emerging field of green buildings. It introduces green building rating systems and analyzes the role of construction project management techniques and practices in relation to green building requirements.


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