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9 Habits to Improve Productivity pdf

The Extreme Productivity System and 9 Habits of Extreme Productivity

  1. Manufacture Motivation
  2. Control Your TIME
  3. Execute in the Zone
Manufacture Motivation

Motivation is often thought to be largely innate: people either have it or they don’t. They’re either go-getters or they’re not. Self-starters or not. Proactive or lazy

Not true.

In the last several years, much research has been done to show that motivation is less an innate, immutable attribute and more like a skill: something that can be learned, practiced, and strengthened.

Let’s say you don’t feel as motivated as you want. Or perhaps you’ve never thought of yourself as very motivated. Too many just accept this and go about their days resigned to whatever level of motivation they believe they have.

It’s quite the contrary. If you apply the right principles and learn certain habits, you actually can manufacture your own motivation. You can create it seemingly out of nothing and build it to whatever you want it to be.

Control Your TIME

Productivity has long been thought to be largely a time-management challenge. Learn certain hacks and organize your to-do list the right way and you’ll get more done.

True, to an extent. You might get more done, but are you getting your Greatest Impact Activities done? Are you creating more time to work on your Greatest Impact Activities? Are you concentrating deeply and tuning everything else out?

Everyone feels busy, and sometimes it’s like there’s not enough time in the day to succeed.

Yet some people succeed and some don’t. Research shows that people who achieve the highest levels of success have only 24 hours every day just like everyone else. Shocker, right? It’s not just about getting things done.

It’s about taking total control over what you do and what you avoid, and not getting derailed by the massive distractions that sabotage so many every day.

Execute in the Zone

If you want to get more done in the time you have, and you want to have that euphoric feeling of being extremely productive, you must execute in the zone.

The zone, also known as flow, is the mental state where a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity.

In a work context, if you’re executing in the zone, you’re maximizing your effort per work hour. If you work an hour in the zone, you don’t just work an hour, you work an amazing hour.

The zone is not a new concept. From sports to work to studying to recreational activities, the zone is a well-known and studied phenomenon.

What you’ll learn in the XPS are the tactics—exactly what to do—to get in the zone, have the stamina, energy, and focus to stay in the zone, and, should you fall out of the zone, how to get your focus back.

9 Habits to Improve Productivity

  1. Recruit Your Drive
  2. Ignite Your Proactivity
  3. Reengineer Your Habits
  4. Obsess Over TIME
  5. Say No
  6. Play Hard to Get
  7. Sprint into the Zone
  8. Fuel Your Energy
  9. Right the ship

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