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The Successful Person’s Guide to Time Management

The Successful Person’s Guide to Time Management PDF

“Good time management simply means deciding what you want to get out of life and efficiently pursuing these goals. Time management does not mean being busy all the time—it means using your time the way you want to use it—which can include large doses of daydreaming and do- ing nothing. Good time management brings with it increased relaxation, less stress, more satisfaction, and greater accomplishment”

There Is Enough Time!

Too little time and too much to do is a common condition for many of us. Everyday demands or chores seem to engulf the day, leaving little time to pursue those things you enjoy. But you dove choices about how you spend your time. Balancing what you need to do with ‘what you want to do can lead to happiness and success.

Many of us complain, “There just isn’t enough time in the day!” But the truth is that we have enough time to do what is important in our lives. You can always make time for the people you value and for the activities worth doing. All you need do s become a master of how you use your time.

Turning time-management skills into habits will take time—but ‘what better way to spend it? With the help of this workbook and two or three hours, you can learn valuable techniques for managing your time and your life, By the end of the exercises, you’ll know yourself better, have a map of goals for the future, and maybe fulfill a few dreams.

What Is Good Time Management?

Strictly speaking, we cannot really manage time—we can only manage ourselves. As we acquire new skills in time management, we gain control over our lives. A key to managing yourself is to know who ‘you are and where you are going. ‘The following exercises will help you evaluate your current time management practices.

You will explore how and why you want to ‘manage your time better and discover what your time-management priorities are You will learn to determine the time of day you have ‘the most energy for accomplishing important tasks, as well as what ‘your life goals are and what steps you need to take to accomplish them

Effective Time Management Tips


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