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Quality Management Plan for Construction Projects PDF

Quality Control Plan Sample for Construction Projects PDF Free Download

Objectives: After completing this submodule, you will be able to:

  • Define the function and importance of Construction Quality Assurance.
  • Define the function and importance of Contractor Quality Control

Quality Assurance

The primary function of quality assurance is to obtain completed construction that meets all contract requirements. Assurance is defined as a degree of certainty. Quality assurance personnel continually assure or make certain that the contractor’s work complies with contract requirements.

Quality Assurance Personnel

The role of quality assurance personnel is to assure that the CQC system is functioning properly. To do this, QA personnel:

  1. Examine the quality control methods being used to determine if the contractor is properly controlling design activities in design-build contracts. • Examine the quality control methods being used to determine if the contractor is properly controlling construction activities.
  2. Make certain that the necessary changes are made in the contractor’s QC system if excessive construction deficiencies occur.
  3. Assist the contractor in understanding and implementing the contract requirements.
  4. Examine ongoing and completed work.

Contractor Quality Control

The primary function of CQC is the successful execution of a realistic plan to ensure that the required standards of quality construction will be met. In CQC, the contractor defines procedures to manage and control his own, designer of record, consultant, architect-engineer, all subcontractors, and all supplier activities so that the completed project complies with contract requirements.

For design-build contracts, this includes providing and maintaining a Design Quality Control plan as a part of the overall contract QC plan. This plan, as a minimum, must assure that all documents are reviewed by a technically competent, independent reviewer specifically named in the plan.

This review cannot be performed by the same designers that produced the product. The design QC plan shall be managed by a Design QC Manager who has verifiable engineering or architectural design experience or is a registered engineer or architect. The Design QC Manager is under the supervision of the QC Manager.

Quality Control Personnel

As stated previously, CQC is a contractor’s responsibility. This includes:

  • Produce the quality specified in the plans and specifications, and for design-build contracts in the Request for Proposal, as well as the contractor’s accepted proposal
  • Develop and maintain an effective CQC system,
  • Perform all control activities and tests, and
  • Prepare acceptable documentation of CQC activities.

The contractor also is required to place a competent representative onsite to oversee the CQC system. He must have full authority to act for the contractor on CQC matters. His responsibilities include workmanship, methods, and techniques to ensure that all work is performed properly by qualified and careful craftsmen.

For design-build contracts, responsibility also includes design quality and the performance of constructibility, operability, and environmental review of the design.

Project Quality Management Overview


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