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Project Management Glossary of Terms PDF

Free Project Management Glossary of Terms PDF

AcceptanceThe formal process of accepting delivery of a product or deliverable.
Acceptance CriteriaPerformance requirements and essential conditions have to be achieved before project deliverables are accepted.
AccountabilityThe obligation to report on one’s actions.
ActivityActions are taken or work performed through which inputs, such as funds, technical assistance and other types of resources are mobilized to produce specific outputs.
Activity DurationActivity duration specifies the length of time (hours, days, weeks, months) that it takes to complete an activity. This information is optional in the data entry of an activity.
Actual DatesActual dates are entered as the project progresses. These are the dates that activities really started and finished as opposed to planned or projected dates.
ActualsThe cost or effort incurred in the performance of tasks. Also, the dates tasks have been started or completed and the dates milestones have been reached.
AlternativesA number of different solutions and approaches must be evaluated and chosen to attain the objectives of a project.
Analogous EstimatingEstimating using similar projects or activities as a basis for determining the effort, cost, and/or duration of a current one. Usually used in Top-down Estimating.
Approach StatementA high-level description of how the project will accomplish its goals and objectives.
Project Management Glossary of Terms PDF

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