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Construction Management Agreement Sample PDF

Download Free a Construction Management Agreement Sample PDF

The Contract Documents consist of

  • This Agreement
  • The drawings, specifications, and other documents issued hereafter by the Architect and approved by the Owner for use in preparing the GMP/Schedule Submission (as hereinafter defined) and all subsequent updates, additional drawings, revisions, modifications, addenda, and changes thereto issued by the Architect and approved by the Owner
  • The description of the Project annexed hereto as Exhibit A
  • The Preliminary List of General Conditions Work Items annexed hereto as Exhibit B
  • The list of Construction Manager’s Project personnel annexed hereto as Exhibit C
  • The standard Subcontract forms annexed hereto as Exhibit D
  • The executed GMP/Schedule Amendment in the form annexed hereto as Exhibit E
  • The Final Payment Certificate, Release, and Lien Waiver forms annexed hereto as Exhibit F
  • The Owner’s Work Policies and Procedures annexed hereto as Exhibit G
  • The Statement of Policy Regarding Reimbursement of Costs Under Cost Reimbursable Construction Contracts annexed hereto as Exhibit H (the “Statement of Policy”)
  • Any Change Orders and amendments signed in accordance with this Agreement. The Contract Documents together form the Contract between the Owner and Construction Manager. Each of the Contract Documents will be a part of the Contract to the same extent as if fully set forth in this Agreement in its entirety.

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