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Step By Step Guide to Project Management

In six steps you will learn how to manage your project and success.

1. Define the scope, objectives, and deliverables

Clearly define the scope, objectives, and deliverables of the project. It may take several drafts before all of the stakeholders agree on what these are.

2. Prepare a comprehensive written plan

A thorough plan describes the various tasks and activities and the order they’ll be undertaken, who is responsible for each task, how long each will take, and when they’ll start and finish. It also includes the project deliverables, timeline and budget. The plan will need to be updated regularly, as issues are identified and appropriate action(s) taken.

3. Maintain good communication with the team

Good communication is vital for successful project management. It ensures that the whole team knows the status of the project, they understand what they should be working on, and it also helps to get their support. Hold regular meetings with the team to discuss the project’s progress and any issues that arise.

4. Measure project performance

Regularly check the progress of the tasks and activities against the project plan.

  • Is the project still within the defined scope?
  • Is the project’s timeline being met?
  • Is the project within budget?

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘no’, the plan may need to be adapted, and the team members and the stakeholders should be informed.

5. Complete the project

6. Review and follow-up

Hold a formal project closing meeting. This meeting will indicate the completion of the project and review its successes and failures. Identify what worked well and what could be improved – and follow up on these findings. Thank the team for their work.


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