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Project Management Approach PDF

Project Management Methodology PDF Guide Free Download

Scope of Project Management Approach

Implementing a Project Management Approach (PMA) requires a focus on the
following specific areas namely:

  • Establishing Project Management structures within the PGWC The backbone of the PMA is the establishment of Project Management structures within the PGWC. All departments are not of the same size and do not have the same number of projects; hence a single approach is not appropriate. As the Organisational Design Workstream is responsible for recommending structures, this workstream’s role will be to make recommendations on the structures required for the implementation of the PMA.
  • The project management methodology to be applied and established This area of responsibility will ensure that the Project Management Approach is based on international best practices, including determining a standard methodology, and developing guidelines, directives, templates, and compliance requirements.
  • Developing and maintaining information systems to support project management functions The Executive Projects Dashboard has been developed as a project tracking and reporting system. Recommendations will be made about end-user project management tools, as well as the development of a transversal project management system.
  • Project management training and capacity-building The development of training material as well as ensuring that training is provided to all relevant officials. It also includes a framework for the certification of project managers. This element also includes communication deliverables that will assist with change management regarding project management in the organization.
  • Ensuring meaningful data is captured onto the system(s) Quality data is a key success factor for the implementation of the Project Management Approach, as the usefulness of the reports generated will be its main business benefit. It is therefore important that careful attention is given to the data captured in terms of structure, format, accuracy, completeness, and timeliness.

In terms of geographical scope, this workstream will initially only focus on Provincial Departments within the Western Cape Province. It is possible that a political decision could be taken at a later stage to roll this approach and system out to other spheres of government, both within and outside of this Province. Should this transpire, a new team will be set up to work alongside this workstream to address the expanded requirements.

Project Management Approaches in Construction Industry

This video explains the Predictive/Waterfall Approach & Agile Approaches of Project Management from the perspective of the Construction industry.

  1. It describes various stages in Construction Project Management and various Forms of Contracts (FIDIC).
  2. It lists the core values of the Agile Approach.
  3. It then discusses the Scrum Framework within the Agile Approach of Project Management.
  4. It includes an animated description of various stages in the sprint process in a Scrum Framework.
  5. It also discusses Kanban Board and Jira software. Viewers are requested to comment on their opinion about the feasibility of the Scrum Framework in Construction Project Management.

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